Here’s to Working as an Environmental Lawyer!

As a lawyer who has practiced in the field of environmental law since the 1970s, I read the article I’ve linked below from the “Outside” website with personal interest. Environmental lawyers who represent activist groups aren’t the only ones who find professional satisfaction in their work. I’ve practiced environmental law as a government lawyer doing both plaintiff’s and defense work and in private practice representing a wide range of clients, including both organizations dedicated to environmental protection and people and entities who have been characterized as “polluters.” Representing the latter I have tried to help my clients in their efforts to implement environmentally protective policies, to help them stay on the “straight and narrow^ when it comes to compliance, and – yes – to defend them from at times overzealous and misguided claims and litigation brought by activists and government enforcers. I’m not embarrassed to pat myself on the back for the good environmental results that I have helped my “so-called” (a term I use with great caution) polluter clients achieve for the environment. Whatever clients they may serve, environmental lawyers work in a field that is politically charged, but that is almost always intellectually challenging and important to the welfare of the planet.
Today’s Toughest Dream Job: Environmental Attorney

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